Designed for Impact

Building on decades of advancements in Youth and Environmental programs

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Using Business as A Force for Good

Firefall Ranch is a social enterprise, committed to social and environmental leadership in addition to our goals as a hospitality business.

Along with our sister properties in the area, we seek to offer the richest, most memorable hospitality experience in Yosemite, while making a positive long-term impact on our community and surrounding natural treasures. 

Youth Program

Behind the scenes at the ranch, we operate and fully self-fund an innovative employment program serving high-potential young adults.

The youth in our program learn a specific trade while living in a supportive community and enjoy outdoor experiences that challenge, motivate and inspire them. During their non-work hours, they receive assistance from our full-time program staff in planning their next career and educational steps and developing the tools they need to achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

Our Youth Program is foundational to what we do at Firefall and our sister properties, and we are proud to have operated the program at our lodges for over 20 years.

Environmental Practices

We are honored to be stewards of this historic property, its sister lodges and the Yosemite area, and we have established a variety of environmental initiatives in support of this stewardship:

  • Local Sourcing – purchasing from local farms and artisans, hiring local staff, landscaping with native plants
  • Energy Conservation – using solar power, recycling greywater, using low flow fixtures and high efficiency lighting
  • Waste Reduction – implementing a grass roots recycling program in partnership with the Greater Valley Conservation Corps and US Foods, plus using eco-friendly packaging and cleaning products
  • Environmental Education – educating guests, staff and the community about environmental issues/conservation

We have made significant investments in support of our environmental goals, including developing the county’s first commercial greywater system, which allows us to reuse millions of gallons of shower and laundry water each year.